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If Burma (Myanmar) is your next holiday destination then make sure to not to miss the following article, this is a country that you will feel it while you travel from a place to place, Myanmar is a country that has just opened its door to the western tourists and is still somehow unknown for many travelers, located in the South-East of Asia bordering with China, Laos and Thailand as well as the Bay of Bengal makes it one of the loveliest destinations to experience in Asia. A Myanmar tour packages could lead you to experience and learn more about the cultures and lifestyle as most of the country’s sites and destination are about Buddhist attractions that have been built during the history. Following are the top experiences that leave you fall in love with Myanmar.

Visit Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

Yangon is without doubt a gem of any travel within Burma, however, the magical Shwedagon Pagoda is a golden dome Buddhist temple dating believed to back to thousands of years ago, this is a site rather than attraction to which locals get together for any purpose from praying to get together for events and or for meditations, however, you may visit this great pagoda anytime of the day, the best time would be the sunset time when the golden dome is shinning glamour.

Spend more time in and around Inle Lake

A natural UNESCO heritage site, the Inle Lake is a great place to be and its enough to make you feel wonderful as soon as you arrive the fisherman surround your tourist boat with their unusual way of fishing as they stand up with one leg rowing their little fishing boat with the other leg, that’s not all, there are floating villages and even hotels and restaurants.

Balloon flight over the Bagan valley

You may see different temples and pagodas anywhere in Southeast of Asia, but those in Bagan are somehow considered as the major temple sites for the whole region, there are more than 2000 temples dotted around a big and vast area and makes it a great day tour to enjoy, however, you can easily enjoy the temple exploration on your own but one of the most thrilling way is to hop on a Balloon tour and get the best bird view from the sky, just make sure to prepare a good camera to capture this sizzling moments.myanmar tour packages

Hiking up on Mandalay hill

The best moment to capture the sunset would be to hike up the Mandalay hill during this time of the day, however, hiking is one side and the other thing is to meet with young monks who are eager to practice their de-facto English skill with you, most of them are longing to go abroad to Thailand to study their Buddhist subjects and that’s enough reason for them to come to you and open a long conversation. However, when in Mandalay do not miss to cross the longest wooden bridge in the world, the U Bein Bridge.

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