Luxury Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages

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Tourism infrastructure in both Vietnam and the Cambodia and an interesting history and culture as well as the contemporary status especially in Cambodia makes anyone to think further to plan a Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages, two countries are linking together via land borders as well as with the Mekong waterways. It is not because Vietnam has the legendary natural wonders like Halong bay, or not because of the Angkor Wat temples complex in Cambodia, but rather than that, traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia it’s like completing a puzzle, you start from Vietnam and end in Cambodia.

Luxury Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages

Planning a luxury Cambodia tour packages

Cambodia is rich with natural and historical attractions that will truly make your stay in Cambodia worth the time and money. There are different ways to maximize your experience, one can take a Luxury Cambodia tour packages and let the journey begin from what your travel agent stated in your travel itinerary, also, you can make it as personalized as possible by thinking of themes that suit the kind of trips you like best. Here are some suggestions that will help you enjoy the best attractions that Cambodia has to offer.

Stay in Luxury resorts and hotels

As mentioned above, Visiting Cambodia is not just about the Angor wat temples, of course they are an iconic landmarks and most important of any traveling in Cambodia, but you may want to simply relax and be comfortable when you are not touring the great temples of Cambodia, you choose from a wide range of five star luxury resorts and hotels in Siem Reap. One of the most popular and fastest improving cities in Cambodia, Siem Reap is a charming tourist hub where you can enjoy the local cuisine and food in the old market area.

Off the beaten path in Cambodia

After the visiting the large scale of attractions in Siem reaps and or in Phnom Penh, you maybe enjoy to experience another view of the country, then there are plenty of places to visit in your Cambodia tour. For instance, the small town of Kratie is one of the best places for off the beate touring as this small town offers the beauty of the central marketplace. It is also bordered by French colonial buildings that have been in the area for decades.

The best part about exploring this side of Cambodia is you get to see the Mekong River, which is home to the very rare Irrawaddy dolphins. These dolphins are slowly becoming endangered. In fact, there are about 66 and 86 remaining dolphins in the upper area of the Mekong River.

Other than the Kratie, you may also add the Tonle Sap to your Cambodia tours and travel packages. The lake is known as the largest freshwater lake in the entire Indochina region which dramatically shrinks and expands depending on the season of the year. The lake drains to Phnom Penh and Mekong River during November to May. During the month of June, heavy rains pour water on the area resulting to the formation of an enormous lake.

Temples and Historical sightseeing in Cambodia

There are plenty of temples and historical attractions that you should include in your Cambodia tour packages. One of these is the Khmer temple of Preah Vihear found in the Dangrek Mountains. This temple found in the border with Thailand and is considered to be the most spectacular among the many Khmer temples throughout the country.

Another must see in Cambodia is the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh which contains many national treasures and Buddha statues. You must also visit the Bokor Hill Station in Kampot, Koh Ker, Banteay Srei, Angkor Wat, and many other historical temples and buildings. To Visit all above sites you need a good planned itinerary in order to have enough time to explore each site accordingly.

Vietnam packages tours

Vietnam is probably the most targeted destination in Indochina after Thailand; the country population is exceeding the 90 million with countless attractions dotted all around the fabulous country. Vietnam packages tours are classifieds In the 3 major category:

  • Northern Vietnam
  • Central Vietnam
  • Southern Vietnam

Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages

The travelers must plan their holiday to Vietnam according to the duration of stay, it is much hassle if you have 10 days and you’d like to visit Vietnam and Cambodia together, in theory and in action one may do it, but in reality you get to rush from place to place flying from north to south Vietnam and then to Cambodia.

Visit best of Vietnam and Cambodia

This is the most popular according to the reports from the Vietnam and Cambodia tourism news, the best suggestion for a good start is to spend at least 14 days by arrival in Hanoi and start your exploration with a well planned itinerary that enables you to visit as much as possible without rushing from one place to another.

After Hanoi, The Halong bay cruise tour is the must see, the best suggestion for Halong is to spend a night on a board the cruise to admire the incredible beauty of the bay. The cruises are varying, so, just make sure to consult your travel advisor before finalizing your Vietnam packages tours.

On the basis of the Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages you must visit the highlights of the central Vietnam by flying to Danang from Hanoi, Visit Hue and Hoi An An and enjoy the dinner in the bank side of the Hoi An river. There are many activities to do such as participating on the cooking classes in Hue or spend a day at the pristine beaches in Danang.

Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong cruise tours

Next stop before heading to Cambodia would be the Ho Chi Minh city, this is a hub of hustling and bustling in whole Vietnam, you see modernity cmbined with a classic life of the Vietnamese peoples, street foods are the most unique landmarks that can be seen anywhere in the city. Spend a day or two for sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong River is the next and last stop in the Vietnam, There are cruises that run through the waterways crossing Vietnam into Cambodia.

The places mentioned here are just some of the greatest places to visit on your Vietnam and Cambodia tour. Consult your travel agency and get the best deals and advises before you start your trip.

Luxury Travel Vietnam

The first and most reputable tour operator in Vietnam started the business in 2004 and has become an award winning for several times since then. Plan and organize your luxury Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages and let us be your host in both countries.

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