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Hoi An, Wellness and Spa town

Hoi An, wellness town

Vietnam, a new trendy wellness and spa destination in Southeast Asia

Vietnam emerges as a new trendy wellness and spa town destination in Southeast Asia, and Hoi An is a quaint small town truly ideal to experience it. Home to many boutique hotels and resorts it is the perfect location for you to take your time to focus on spa treatments and yoga activities.

Here at Luxury Travel, we let you create your own personal Luxury experience in Hoi An focusing on Wellness and Spa activities. That will allow you to embark on a journey where you can treat yourself, improve health, relax and reconnect with your body with many revitalizing experiences.

Vietnam comes as the very new spa destination in Southeast Asia. Including boutique hotels and resorts such as the Almanity Hoi An Resort and Spa it is the best environment for you to take your time to enjoy Spa treatments and yoga activities. This is also the best destination to live authentic experiences such as biking in the peaceful Triem Tay eco-village, observe and try fishing with locals, take a bamboo boat ride or take cooking and origami classes. That way, you will be able to combine new incredible activities while reconnecting with yourself.

The benefits of Yoga

Choose a different kind of holiday by combining the experience of visiting an incredibly varied country and also practice or discover the benefits of Yoga for your body and mind.

Practicing yoga poses can give you a limber look while also improving your cardiovascular health and overall wellness. So what can yoga do for you? The researchers found that yoga can sometimes outperform aerobic exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels among seniors, daily energy level, and social and occupational functioning, among other health parameters. Yoga does more than calm you down and make you flexible. It is a new world of benefits you should discover.

Can you already see yourself there? Make this real by contacting us to book your next Wellness and Spa holidays in Vietnam.

Hoi An, wellness town

Why choose Hoi An? 

Hoi An is a little gem of central Vietnam, full of things to do and see as well as conserving a small town feeling where you can wander around by bicycle, stop at a nice terrace to enjoy a coffee or a coconut ice cream, and just relax at the end of the day, tasting new dishes to the lights of the Hoi An tamisée atmosphere. Hoi An is a riverside town truly ideal to experience a Yoga retreat as it is far from big cities with dazzling traffic. You can also choose to practice yoga and meditation at one of the nearby beaches. And then, enjoy a relaxation time. The type of Wellness and Spa holidays we offer are the perfect yoga and wellness vacation for those seeking for an exotic location, flexibility to choose their own yoga program, and daily activities discovering the local culture with an expert guide. By choosing a wellness and spa holiday you will get to improve health, relax and reconnect with your body with revitalizing experiences and local living. You will also get to experiment the varied cuisine of Hoi An which is considered one of the best in Vietnam.


Hoi An, wellness town
Strolling around Hoi An
Hoi An, wellness town
Hoi An, wellness town
Hoi An, wellness town
Cua Dai beach

Luxury travel can help you achieve your wellness goals

Talk to our agents to get the best advice on which type of classes you can choose and how you can organize your weeks between Yoga and meditation practices to then enjoy sightseeing and other fun activities near Hoi An.

Other Wellness and Spa experiences:

Vietnam not only offers wellness and spa experiences in Hoi An but also in Saigon as the  Saigon Spa Experience including leisurely stays at the best spa city destinations providing also time for you to focus on the treatments and activities of your interest. You can also choose to combine your wellness and spa experience with a Halong Bay cruise, isn’t it a great idea? And what about the resort town of Nha Trang? We have just the perfect getaways idea for you: You can spend several days in a secluded private villa overlooking beautiful Ninh Van Bay at the Six Senses spa in Ninh Van Bay. The incredible complex located in the midst of the lush vegetation of Ninh Van Bay and blended into the rocks beside a gentle waterfall. It will be a true nature spa, with surroundings and ambiance that make it a feast for your senses.

Rejuvenate your body with hydrotherapy, mud masks, and facials. You will discover the healing effects of a spa getaway at one of our extraordinary destination spas and spa resorts, handpicked by our luxury travel advisers according to your needs and desires. Find all the possibilities Vietnam offers and create a group, solo or family holiday tailored to your preferences.


Luxury Travel Vietnam Ltd. offers Wellness and Spa travel experience that allows you to access the most exclusive accommodations and luxury services just by talking to our experts. Contact us to customize your yoga getaway holidays to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Myanmar and enjoy the ultimate in sophistication and privacy. Let us compose together your Wellness and Spa holiday to give the deserved treat to your body and mind.

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