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If you’re planning a long awaited Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages and you want to get the best deal for your vacation, regardless of the time-frame that you plan to travel, finding the best and suitable and in the other hand, the most hassle-free travel options is crucial. Making your Indochina vacation through the different travel agency will gives you different quotations which make you a bit unsure about your vacation, simply because both countries could offer more than just a tourist attractions and the usual sightseeing. There are several phase to plan and finalize your holiday to Vietnam and the kingdom of Cambodia. You should know when will be the best time to travel, what places to visit based on your interest and expectations, whether you want to have a vacation with more relaxed options at one of the renowned beaches in Vietnam such as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc island, My Khe, or Da nang beach and spend more leisure time at the luxury resorts, or when in Cambodia, you might want to spend a few days at the idyllic but well equipped Sihanoukville or at the pristine beach in Kep.

However, that’s not all, not everyone wanting a relaxed vacation at the beach, many travelers willing to take an active and full of sightseeing holiday in their itinerary because both country offers unlimited attractions from the ancient and the historical prospective to the natural wonders and the adventure activities, this is what Vietnam and Cambodia are all about and hereunder I am going to explain you about one of the most active and well arranged Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages that is going well with almost any traveling style.

As mentioned above, determining the best holiday to each country will depend on how you plan your vacation, most of the incoming groups will visit both countries in a different length. For example, those with less time will want to visit the southern Vietnam and the renowned Angkor wat temples this could takes something between 8 to 10 days to visit the must see of both country, following are the suggestion for south Vietnam:

• Sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City visiting different attractions, temples and museums
• Excursion to Cu Chi Tunnels along with a visit to Cao Dai temple in Tay ninh
• Mekong river cruise experience while visiting the bustling and ever alive floating markets

And after ending the trip to the south Vietnam, then you have two option to get to Cambodia, one is to flight from ho chi minh city to Siem reap and if you have a few days more to spend on this holiday, then follow the Mekong delta cruise to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and then take a express boat trip through the Tonle Sap lake to reach the siem reap where you have two to three days for Angkor wat temple explorations. Following are the suggestion for Cambodia:

• Visit Phnom Penh; see temples, museums and the bustling markets
• Enjoy the express boat trip from Phnom Penh to Siem reap
• Explore the must see of any trip to Cambodia in Angkor wat
• Take a boat trip to floating villages to see the life on the water
• Enjoy the classic khmer dance known as the apsara dance

Where to start the Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages

For those with more times to spend in both country, I can then suggest a 15 to 20 days itinerary that will cover almost anything one could expect for a Vietnam vacation packages that continue to Cambodia, in such a itinerary I recommend to flight to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and start your trip from where you can visit the colonial building, attractive lakes and the famous and must see sites such as the mausoleum of the Ho Chi Minh, the founder of new Vietnam who have been died in 1969, next, you have 3 days luxury Halong Bay tours to spend two nights on board the luxury cruises, halong bay has been recognized as the natural wonder by UNESCO in 1994. There are activities to do when in Halong bay such as fishing, kayaking, boat trip through the floating villages.

A trip to Sapa and the mountainous village area of northern Vietnam is what almost any tourist who arrive to Vietnam tend to experience, those villages with colorful custom each belong to their own tribe representing their own clad, when in Sapa, you have many different options to explore the area, but what to visit must be planned before hand in order to not to waste your time when in Sapa, the must do thing I sapa are as following:

• Trekking in remote area, visiting hamlets and the local peoples
• Home-stay with local tribes
• Visiting the Sunday colorful markets
• Climbing the mounth fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam and the Indochina

Those would be an absolute unique experience and planning them need some time to study the local culture and to know what to do when in there, luckily, the Luxury Travel Vietnam arrangements are one of the best in whole Indochina.

After, flying to Hue via Hanoi, the central Vietnam has a special character in terms of historical and ancient monuments to visit. The imperial citadel in Hue is what should not to miss, the citadel dating back to the 18th century from the time of Nguyen dynasty, a guided tour in the citadel allow you to know the different palaces and the stories that has been behind them since centuries.

In Hoi Anh, which is accessible through the lush and green tropical forests of hai van pass, you will be visiting the different historical building each from the different era, the Japanese covered bridge and the Hoi An ancient town are one of the many things to see while in the Hoi An.

In Danang, which has been famous for its crystal clear beach and the renowned luxury resorts you may stay for some two days to relax at the beach side villa to get rejuvenated for the rest of your Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages.

If you missed to stay in Danang beach, then instead, you may flight to Nha Trang to get the best and most luxury experience at the renowned world-class beaches, dine at the board of the emperor cruise and get drenched at the tropical beach with fine facilities.

The last station of your Vietnam and Cambodia holiday will be Ho Chi Minh City, this busy metropolis plays a key role on the tourism of southern Vietnam as it’s a hub for all the day trips to the Mekong delta and a base to flight to Siem reap and or to Phnom Penh.

When in Ho Chi Minh City, your trip allow you to visit the colonial architecture, roman churches and the renowned post offices, palaces and the museums in the day time and the vibrant nightlife by night.

For getting to Cambodia you will have two options which you should get the right advice from your tour organizer whether you arrive to the Cambodia via waterways and with the Mekong river cruise, or you just flight directly to siem reap or Phnom Penh to start your Cambodia tour packages.

End your Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages in Angor Wat

Angkor wat is the must see in Cambodia, the temples are covered a vast and huge area on the edge of the Siem Reap city, there are many temples, Buddha statues and the secrets that has been reveled from the centuries that are waiting to be explored. Choose the right tour and expect what you want when in Cambodia. The 3 days trip to the Angkor wat complex allow you to see as much as you can through a well planned itinerary. Apsara dance show is the cultural dance that comes from the root of the Khmer culture, the dancers pose the way you see in the Angkor wat bas reliefs. After the Angkor exploration, you may have a relaxing day at the southern beach of Vietnam, in Sihanoukville and or in Kep Island. The optional activities that can be done are scuba diving and or diving, boat trips and the fishing, or just relaxing at the beach before you finish your holiday.

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