Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture Tours : An Art Lover’s Paradise  

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“The best thing about art is that it is the one luxury in life that lasts forever”. Lynda Resnick

The Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture tours allow you to discover or rediscover Vietnam with a unique local experience tailored to your preferences.

What are the main highlights of our Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture tours?

The Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture tours are the kind of tours that allow you to discover Vietnam through a new lens emphasizing in one or many cultural aspects of the country. Whether you wish to focus on contemporary art, music, food or precise historical interests we will make it happen.

When talking about Arts, Vietnam offers an extended choice of activities for everyone with a strong passion for aesthetics. You will be delighted by the stylish boutique galleries, the upscale traditional hotels and the refined restaurants you can find all over the country.

An art lover’s paradise  

Vietnam’s Fine Arts have a close connection to the Vietnamese history and culture based on village traditions, rice cultivation, and communal values. Calqued in its history, Vietnam’s fine arts has had ups and downs following the intervals between peace and wars in the past. From the 11th century to early 15th, Vietnam lived in a golden era of Fine Arts and architecture such as the one Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi, remain to tell the story.

In both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, our suggestion is that you visit the Museum of Fine Arts and learn more deeply about Vietnamese history and painting techniques.  

In Hanoi, Just across the street from the Temple of Literature you can find the Museum of Fine Arts displaying not only paintings, posters, ceramics and colored lacquerware created by modern post-war artists but also dating back as far as prehistoric and feudalism time. It is a very interesting visit to understand where does Vietnam come from and its way of thinking.

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

In Hoi An, a small village in the center, full of galleries and tiny museums you can pay a visit to the Hoi An Craft Manufacturing Workshop housed in a 200 years-old Chinese trading house transformed in an on-site artisans atelier where you can also see a live dance and theater performance. In Hoi An, you will also find the T&G Art gallery that brings together local artists.

Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture tours

Hoi An by night

Music Shows

You can also choose to enjoy a concert at the Royal court Music or the Hanoi Opera if you feel like resting your eyes. You can choose to go to a folklore show such as the one at My Village, a poetical representation in the image of a circus. The show uses theatre bamboo poles and 20 folk instruments played live. Another suggestion is the very typical puppetry show.

Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture tours

Live Performance Lang Toi My Village

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can pick a far from an ordinary tour, the Truc Mai traditional music house.There, the stories of Vietnamese history and culture can be heard and told with traditional Vietnamese instruments. Mono-chord zither, xylophone or bamboo will take you back in time for a few hours.

Where to go?

In dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, you can explore colorful outdoor markets, Dong Khoi Street the city’s shopping boulevard full of the most fashionable boutiques and accessories and discover the diverse contemporary Vietnamese designers, as well as lines and housewares or hill tribe crafts. All of Vietnam in style.

Hue, the former imperial capital. It is home to numerous palaces, royal tombs, pagodas and temples, built under the Nguyen dynasty, on the banks of the Perfume River.

Hanoi, Vietnam’s artistic and intellectual capital. You will see some of Vietnam’s most well-known sites and museums. Then, you will dine in French colonial villas converted into gourmet restaurants and enjoy people watching at stylish cafes.

If you have time in Hanoi, 30 minutes from the city you can visit the oldest and best know potter’s village of Bat Trang. There you will be able to buy vases, wine pots, statues, or decorative objects. You can also take part in a ceramics course.

Best stylish accommodations

Vietnam is varied and a one time visit isn’t always enough to get its whole essence. For those aficionados in fine arts and design, you will not only live it throughout the activities in each city but also in the superb and stylish accommodations we have handpicked for you in each city.

The all in style Hôtel des Arts Saigon is as much an art museum as it is a 5-star boutique hotel. The building is a modern work of art unto itself and an incredible experience.Once inside, the guests can look at the owner’s personal collection of painting and antiques just like in an exhibition.

Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Hôtel des Arts Saigon

The distinctive bowed façade of La Residence Boutique Hotel in Hue is a unique hallmark of the 1920’s Streamline Moderne school of Art Deco architecture. Enter and step back in time while overlooking the former Imperial Citadel.

La Residence Hue

La Residence Hue

These little gems from Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture Tours and many more special places are yet to be discovered. Our deepest wish is to bring truly extraordinary experiences beyond our guest’s imagination.

Here at Luxury Travel, we are fervent art appreciators and our own artful office in Hanoi reflects that particularity. We would be delighted to show you the wonderful painting collection hanging in our offices as well as organizing any artist meet you may want to.

Our designed signature tours focus on Fine Arts and beautiful accommodations. It is the best way of presenting all the richness of aesthetics and design that Vietnam possesses. It is the best way to unveil Vietnam’s cultural heritage all combined with new authentic experiences.


Luxury Travel Vietnam Ltd. offers a great emphasis on service and personalization in order to always provide authentic Luxury Holiday experiences. Vietnam is full of sumptuous galleries and history to be unveiled. You can easily access the most exclusive accommodations and luxury services by talking to our experts. Contact us to customize your best Vietnam Fine Arts and Culture holiday.

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