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Vacation makers believe that a holiday to Vietnam is now equal to what they experienced in Thailand, some even see it as the second Thailand, whatever, Vietnam has enough to beauty and thrilling tourist attractions to attracts visitors from all around the world, nowadays, getting to Vietnam is much easier than what it was like in 10 years ago, the tourism authorities and the tour operators now offering more hand on services to any tourist with any traveling style. No matter if you are a back-packer and traveling on a shoestring or like to opt for a Vietnam packages tours with different budget in mind, you will get enough options to choose your preferred vacation packages.

For a holiday in Vietnam you will need to know where you wish to visit and when? These are the two main factors to get your vacation started, for instant, Vietnam could be divided into three main regional to explore, the Northern Vietnam, Center and the Southern Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam tour package

vietnam packages tours sapa

Very popular and it could be planned and designed for travelers with a bit of adventurous style, you can land in Hanoi from where you will be exploring the charming and classical capital of Vietnam, other options are includes luxury Halong bay tours to experience the most visited sites in Vietnam and perhaps Indochina. Sapa, is the rice terrace beauty of all Asia, from Hanoi you will take a night train to Lao Cai where you will have several options to trek and home-stay, or if you have a bit of more time to spend for your vacation in Vietnam you might take a tours that is including a several visit to the hamlets and the colorful ethnic hill-tribes.

Central Vietnam tour and holiday packages

visit hue . trip to vietnam

Home to country’s finest and most popular ancient sites as well as some of the best beaches dotted around the Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue, most popular Vietnam tour and holiday packages are includes at least 2 to 3 days visit to central Vietnam, you will have several tourist options includes a visit to UNESCO heritages sites in Hoi An, Hue and My Son holy-land and if you are a big fan of quality beach and wanting to stay on a luxury resorts then you should opt for Da Nang, the beach of fabulous, not as crowd as what you get in Nha Trang. Other places of interest include Hai van pass Marble Mountain or DMZ zone which could be arranged as an optional day tour.

Southern Vietnam tour packages

One month Holiday to Vietnam, Are you coming?

From the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City to the most iconic beaches in southern Vietnam, most of the holiday makers opt for an all inclusive Vietnam tour package that is covering beach, adventure options, luxury Mekong Delta cruise tours, and also, southern Vietnam is a hub for either flight or overland border crossing to Cambodia. Ho Chi Minh City itself has a lot of existing places to visit; sightseeing in city will reveal the bloody past when southern Vietnam armies took over the control of the town, there are many museums, pagodas and interesting places to see which will be a part of your Vietnam packages tours, however, for a better understanding of the southern Vietnam I strongly advice to spend at least 5 days to visit city and the Mekong delta altogether.

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