Top Reasons to Book Luxury Holiday to Vietnam

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A holiday to Vietnam is not only meant to see the must see places that everyone keen to visit, of course there are unlimited sites and natural attractions that any holiday makers most opt for as much as possible during the time they travel to Vietnam, the must see cities or sites that almost could be find in any itinerary are such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa and its trekking activities, Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. But for travelers with more time to spend in the country they might also go further to stay a bit longer in Sapa to meet the local ethnic minorities, or just flight to Nha Trang or other impressive beach destinations for a relaxing days at the sunny beaches. Mekong Delta is another option that will flow your blood, you see life going on the waters.

Why booking a holiday to Vietnam

Beautiful beaches with luxury services: The beaches in Vietnam are sandy, beautiful and stretched from south to north, the most popular and crowded beaches are Nha Trang, Da Nang (more popular for local tourists), Mui Ne which is a unique place for wind and kite surfing and all water sport activities, also, Phu Quoc island in the southernmost region of Vietnam which is close to Cambodia border. If you are into beach holiday then the best option is to focus on the beaches in the southern Vietnam, book in advance as some luxury resorts and beach front accommodations have great deals from time to time.

Fascinating history and unique culture: Traveling to Vietnam not just gives you a chance to see its captivating and beautiful tourist attractions, Vietnam is unique society that has its own culture, people are very welcoming and friendly and there is always a new things to experience, do not forget to opt for a local street food tour when holiday to Vietnam or experience a vibrant nightlife in Hanoi and Saigon, learn the culture and ancient traditions of Vietnam in Hue and visit ethnic minorities when in Sapa.

Amazing life in the heart of the nature: you’ll be amazed by the life on the nature; Hanoi is a beautiful capital city that has its own oriental style, there are many places in Vietnam that you can visit the floating houses and villages, take a luxury Halong Bay tours and stay overnight in the middle of the scenic bay, or, do the same thing when in Mekong Delta.

Delicious foods and special cuisine: Vietnamese cuisine is very well known as it is varied with local specialty, there are different kind of cuisine from north to south, the national dish of Vietnam beef and noodle soup (Pho Bo), which is served almost at any corner while you walk around the small and big cities in the country.

Travel Luxury with confident: Things are easier since last decade, now, the government issues Vietnam visa on arrival that makes it much easy for travelers who are living far from the embassies. Luxury accommodations and world class resorts are dotted around the country, you can book and enjoy your ultimate vacation in beautiful and ancient cities, also, there are now direct flights to Vietnam from Paris, Frankfurt and London as well, on the other hands, it is so easy to travel to Laos and Cambodia if you first flight to Vietnam since there will be no direct flight to those destinations.

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