Thanh Da Island – The Quiet & Peaceful Countryside Amidst Saigon

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To the mainstream, Saigon appears as a city of concrete and steel that is dense with people, buildings, and vehicles. The appearance of a green oasis in the middle of the bustling metropolis seems to be impossible. There is such that thing just about 8 km off from District 1 – the city center. It is Thanh Da Island – an abandoned land amidst Saigon River. 

I. Where Is Thanh Da Island

This Saigon secret island is a large peninsula where Saigon River makes a striking loop. Since a canal was dug across the peninsula to create a straight and shorter route to connect the river, this 500 hectare-large land has become an isolated island. 

Thanh Da Island is in the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, belonging to Binh Thanh District. It is linked with District 1 by a man-made canal. To the north of the island, across the river, is Thu Duc District, while the southern part faces Thao Dien (District 2). 

II. How to get to Thanh Da Island? 

This place is accessible to other parts of the city by one and only bridge that links it with District 1. You can take a taxi or motorbike to get there. Because there are tourist villages there, the road is not that hard to find. 

Thanh Da Island - The Quiet & Peaceful Countryside Amidst Saigon

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III. The Origin of Thanh Da Island

How come in the middle of a rapidly developing city appears a rural area? That is the result of an abandoned project of urbanization that has been in the paper for decades. 

The locals said there used to be a massive project that aims to turn this island into a super city where everything is state-of-the-art. There are plans to establish high-rise buildings, universities, shopping malls, etc. on Thanh Da Island but there are no traces that they are about to build them. Still, some restrictions prevent the villagers from building anything high and beautiful. As a result, Thanh Da Island remains a rural area while the adjacent areas have been rapidly urbanized. 

IV. On Thanh Da Island

This seems to be a huge disadvantage to the locals here; however, such that a peaceful and quiet atmosphere has turned the island into an appealing tourist attraction. 

Thanh Da Island is home to Binh Quoi 1 & 2 – the two government-run touristic villages, where offers the authentic rustic vibe of the Vietnamese countryside. Things like wooden bridges, fishing nets, fish lakes, rowboats, etc. reminisce people about the tranquil countryside villages, which seem to be unreal amidst the bustling city. 

Coming to Binh Quoi Villages, tourists can take a biking tour to travel around and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this laid-back rural area. You can also take part in several fascinating activities such as rowing the bamboo boat along the river, crossing the monkey bridge, etc. The villages are also an ideal place for photography enthusiasts. 

After spending hours on the fancy games and sightseeing, you can relax under the large foliage of tropical trees or thatched cottages. Snack and lunch are available on floating eateries, allowing tourists to admire the surrounding landscapes while filling your stomach with heavenly-tasty rustic dishes. 

Thanh Da Island - The Quiet & Peaceful Countryside Amidst Saigon

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V. Take Away

If you are seeking a quiet place for a break without having to travel far from the city center, Thanh Da Island cannot be a better destination. However, getting the detailed travel guide for this place is hard because their websites and contact numbers are almost inaccessible. 

Hence, feel free to contact Luxury Travel at any time for the specific guideline for your upcoming trip. We await your message! 

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