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Signature Ideas for a Luxury Holiday to Thailand

Signature Ideas for a Luxury Holiday to Thailand

If Indochina is your dream destination, then, a luxury holiday to Thailand must be considered as a lifetime experience and before making your decision on where to go for a Thailand Vacation you’ll be spoilt for a variety of choices from spa indulgence and luxury resorts in Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok to the championship golf courses in Hua Hin, diving in the azure waters of Andaman seas to the thrilling fishing and water sport activities through many islands of Thailand, there are a huge variety of luxury experiences on offer – whatever your idea of a perfect luxury holiday is, it is likely you’ll find something to suit your vacation preferences. Thailand has also a wide choice of cultural sightseeing to offer.

Go diving in Andaman Sea

Luxury Holiday to Thailand is hugely popular for experienced scuba divers and with very good reason it has some of the very best dive sites in the world. Phuket, Khao Lak, Phi Phi Islands and and Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand are among the most popular dive sites in Thailand, with spectacular underwater vistas and a huge range of tropical wildlife to be seen at the various dive sites in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. If you’ve never been diving in your life, then a Thailand Vacation will be the perfect time for you to get your exciting diving started, also, there are plenty of courses out there that can get you qualified in a few days matter.

Be pampered at a luxury spa resorts

If you truly want to experience an authentic and unique luxury holiday to Thailand, a stay at a spa resort and accommodation through the country is considered as one of the most relaxing ways to spend your vacation in the land of the smiles. Many of the larger resort hotels on the islands and even in big cities like Bangkok and Chainag Mai have outstanding spa facilities at its best which offering a range of, sauna, make sure to opt for a Thailand luxury tours which includes best Thai massage treatments you could ever expect.

Take a city break in Bangkok

Bangkok with no doubt is one of the cities in Asia that allow you to experience everything in one place, its bustling nightlife and the cultural sightseeing will amaze any new comers with its bustling markets, stunning architecture and fine dining, Bangkok is a great capital city to visit on a luxury holiday to Thailand. Also, other chances are up to travel to northern Thailand where you will have great options to visit some UNESCO sites such as Ayutthaya and Sukhothai as well as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to get an excursions to visit Ethnic minorities on a day trip. Also, Bangkok is a best place to flight out to neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia and for instant a frequent flight to Ho Chi Minh City, just make sure to check the latest southern Vietnam packages tours to enjoy your holiday in this breathtaking metropolis.

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