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A Myanmar tours and holiday packages have dramatically growing since last few years; we have collected a few topics and frequently asked questions that will help you decide responsibly. For over half a century, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been at the mercy of dictators, military juntas, rebel factions and drug traffickers as well as bloodthirsty and ruthless. However, Myanmar along with Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam has become a favorite destination to holiday in Indochina.

A unique ad specially designed Luxury travel Myanmar that is includes all the must see places as well as the beautiful and idyllic beaches, you may see the certain places like the Golden Rock or the beautiful Bagan, the watery world of Inle Lake, Ngapali beach, as well as some winders such as U Bein Bridge, Mraukl U ruins and much more, by the way the four must see places in Myanmar that acnt be miss in any itinerary and almost everyone would craving to include them to their Myanmar holiday are such as Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay. The destination Myanmar is still attracts little tourism especially compared with the other destinations in the region, so most destinations still have that authenticity atmosphere for holiday, however, the welcoming and smiley Myanmar peoples retain a very honest curiosity and sympathy towards foreign. Following is a list of some of the must see tourist attractions that helps you plan your Myanmar tour packages, just make sure to list your own places of interest and consult them with your travel agent before you depart from your home-land.

Mandalay: Former capital of the Burmese Empire, Mandalay is the most chaotic city of Myanmar that has a lot to offer especially for the first time visitors. From Yangon, you can take a private to Mandalay. In the city barely a trace of the British colonial era buildings have fallen into disuse or disappeared. However, chaos and disorder conferred soul to a city that captivated everyone. The old railway station is a cluster of cars turned into houses where people buy, sell, cooking, washing and eating.

mandalay myanmar tour and holiday packages

Bagan: If Halong Bay is the top of the tourist attractions in Vietnam, then Bagan is the same in Myanmar. Bagan can be reached from Mandalay by boat, train or bus. The city is divided in two quarter, the Old Bagan and New Bagan. Old Bagan is an extension of roads and fields where over 4,000 temples and pagodas rise. Some of them are more than 2000 years old, when the king founded the city. The luxury Myanmar tours are come to the point in Bagan where you can enjoy the amazing Bagan valley with the balloon rides.

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Inle Lake: From Bagan continue heading north for an about 300 km between the two cities. Inle is a small town that inhabitants live off tourism that draws its lake and hard work in the field. The main activity when in the town is one of the Myanmar tour packages on the lake. In an elongated motor boat that sailed the waters dotted with stilt houses. The wooden stilt houses are anchored in the lake. Some authentic villages formed with its grocery stores, and even schools.

inle lake myanmar tour and holiday packages

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