New Luxury: Taking Personalization to an Upper Level

by Duong Vuong
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How Luxury Travel Is Becoming Even More Specialized

As a Luxury travel company, we witness that the industry is slowly changing and when it comes to selling luxury experiences, people have more specific demands. The changing in the consumer habits happened around the mindset that luxury is no longer just having expensive accommodations, but more obtaining a unique experience they will cherish.

Luxury travelers today have higher expectations than ever. Maybe before a sumptuous accommodation and fine wine dinner would be enough to satisfy them, but today the personalization and the one-of-a-kind experience is what makes them tickle. This, and the fact that not all luxury travelers are actually all-time high-end consumers. So the travel agents do need to adapt to have a more specialized tailor-made holiday for each kind of luxury demand that one day can be a secluded private resort and the other an ecolodge closer to the local life. The main reasons to book with a travel agent is to get everytime ready on time with no hassles but also to have the expertise and knowledge they need to build together a dream holiday between what the traveler expects and wants to get from the place he is visiting and what the travel expert know and how well he can advise him.

1.The Primordial Role of Travel Agents

Travel agents are the ones that design personalized experiences for each unique traveler and today, the increase in experiential travel, demands customization of the itineraries. This is what has significantly encouraged the growth of the luxury travel sector and the important role of the travel agent. At Luxury Travel our agents have been discerning and understanding the customers need and expectations adapting constantly to changes in the travel demand. It is important to play the role of worry-less and hassle-free conductors towards the customers.

New Luxury: Taking Personalization to an upper level

And apart from peaceful and unique holidays, these travelers also want to be guaranteed that the properties they’re booking live up to their expectations and that support will be available at any time to them if needed.

The travel agent also takes on the role of a storyteller. He needs to be able to tell the story of a particular place, or that special ecolodge close to a local family that will have a chat with you when visiting. 

2.New Luxury: Taking Personalization to an upper level

Taking personalization to a next level today means that we as travel agents are the ones adding value and human touch to the travel preparation. There is a lot of information on the internet but when it comes to something personal, you want to rely on a travel agent. At Luxury Travel, when honeymooners ask us to organize a special set and feel, we first get to know what kind of experiences they seek for and help find the best of the best that suits their specific needs.
And sometimes, this goes by connecting more with local or tasting and cooking local cuisine with them like the cooking classes we provide in Hoi An Gourmet tours. It is more about interacting and going places not many have been to and not just to sip a cocktail by an infinity pool with a view. A few times, it will be more about discovering something about a destination as well as oneself.
One important thing not to be forgotten is that you are here to make the client feel special. By finding out what the client really wants and press even further when the client gives you information and anticipate what a VIP treatment means to them.

New Luxury: Taking Personalization to an upper level
On our romantic holidays to special celebrations such as family vacations or couples time, you can enjoy100% private tailor-made luxury cruising experience on Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay an off-the-beaten-track bay close to Cat Ba Island.

Luxury Travel Co., Ltd and Emperor Cruises Halong can design a luxury cruising experience while taking care of every minute detail of the client’s celebration. Find out more about our newest cruise experience in Cat Ba Archipelago, a new artful cruise that offers the chance to cruise the Gulf of Tonkin in Lan Ha Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay, three bays in one unique itinerary. 

3.Casual luxury travelers

Between the no-limit luxury travelers and the casual luxury travelers, there is a fine line. There is a level of traveler that cannot afford that experience on every trip but still strives for a luxury travel experience from time to time. The casual luxury travelers of today are a group that seeks luxury facilities and unique experiences, often motivated by extraordinary celebrations. They are more open to suggestions and recommendations and offer more margin of advice in their luxury experience. Their budget, in general, is more limited but they have decided to spend more on this occasion to have a different and personalized travel experience.

New Luxury: Taking Personalization to an upper level

And the response to that is getting to know your customers’ styles personally which happens to be the key to knowing how to sell the luxury niche each one is seeking.

Having been in the luxury tourism industry for nearly 15 years we consider our sales training critical to Luxury Travel success. The landscape is always changing and we need to adapt really fast, with competent travel advisors and selling tools to follow the trends of the other competitors.

Luxury Travel provides “wow” services to the most sophisticated luxury travelers. They offer privately guided and fully bespoke holidays coupled with personalized customer service. Their Ultra Luxury experiences come with all tailor-made services serving individual and business travelers as well as MICE. If you are looking for an experienced local tour operator/DMC in Southeast Asia, contact Luxury Travel.

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