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Mekong River on your Luxury Laos Tour Packages

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So, decided to include a luxury Mekong river cruise to your Laos tour packages, this is a country that timidly crouched in his famous neighbors, remains a unique and authentic holiday falls completely into the spirit and cherish you with unforgettable experiences. You see beauty, uniqueness, art, culture, food and incredible sceneries while cruising for a Laos tours , a country of a million elephants is today one of the most authentic destinations that can be visited along with other Indochina destinations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, many travelers are keen to explore the country’s breathtaking attractions, pagoda’s, serene landscape and the mesmerizing waterfalls, I do not like to compare because each country has its qualities but Laos has touched my heart and soul and I will definitely go back to explore its every corner. One of the very unique experiences that one should definitely add it to the list of the activities to do and to see in Laos will be cruising through the magical Mekong, The Mekong River is the largest river in Southeast of Asia, is a river of more than 5000 kilometers long, passing through almost all countries in the region, from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Tibet, China, and of course, Laos. Mekong River is a stunning river, symbol of Southeast Asia, Laos and its environment. This river defines the border between Laos and Thailand.

About the Mekong River

This river originates in the Himalayas, and flow its way in the East China Sea. In Laos, the Mekong River marking the border with Thailand and in many places features waterfalls, as Khone Falls, one of the most impressive in whole region. This river has the distinction of being navigable in many points that is why it has been used by many cities as a river port, like fishing area, with more than 1 million tonnes caught here annually (catfish) and between fauna highlights the beluga dolphin. In your environment, agriculture is one of the most important activities, with rice as the main element to cultivate. Luang Prabang and Vientiane are two major cities in the Mekong River route.

Transportation in Laos is either on the road or on the waters, the Mekong River is the best example of all, the quality of luxury services in Laos have improved a lot and every day there are more tourists visiting this country, although it is not always comfortable to travel on your own because there are always some hidden corners that only local people would know about that.

Mekong River on your Luxury Laos Tour Packages

The Mekong River cruise for your Laos tour packages

Mekong River is long with all unlimited beauty that one could expect, the most popular Mekong river cruise through the waterways in Laos are started from Vientiane and passing through the River visiting so many villages and hamlets and end in Luang Si and the Luang Prabang, the cruises are vary with different itinerary but each ensure a quality services while on the cruise. The highlights of this waterways starts from a visit to the Luang Temple, and the Patyuxay monument in the heart of the Capital Vientiane. Enjoy the great rural area atmosphere, dine the river cruise while admire the natural beauty, you will be able to see a lot of wonders such as watching the local fishermen catching the fished along the River bank, you will be visiting the most captivating waterfalls in the region and perhaps the world, finally and when landed in Luang Prabang you will be amazed by the firmer ancient capital of Laos, the town is a UNESCO heritage site.

Culture and traditions mere

No doubt that Laos is a country with the most peaceful and friendly people I have encountered during my Laos tour packages, perhaps because Theravada Buddhism practiced here calls for control human passions. Anyway I have always been willing to help people who do not have the malice of other neighboring countries. The Lao people are hospitable, simple and quiet. It is said there that “working too much is bad for the brain” so imagine how relaxed the Lao people are. In Laos it is thought to live between 49 and 134 ethnic groups but they are usually divided into four categories depending on the region and altitude where they live. The truth is that it is impossible to differentiate them abroad. The Lao people are proud of their traditions and strictly enforced so you have to be respectful of them and adapt to circumstances.

They are very quiet people who live happy. Usually they wake up before 6 am as certain businesses and schools to start early. At night before midnight there are usually no people on the streets and in cities like mystic Luang Prabang, the bars are required to close at that time. If you go looking to party I think this is not your country (except Vientiane, Vang Vieng and 4000 islands in high season).

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