Luxury Travel Recommends an Eco-Holiday for Earth Day

Luxury Travel recommends an Eco-Holiday for Earth Day

On 22nd April, the world will celebrate Earth Day – the one day of the year when we stop to consider how our way of life affects the planet we all share. Eco-travel is one of the top trends for tourists in 2017, and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from all walks of life. Travellers are becoming more and more conscious of all things “eco,” and gradually, people are starting to choose products and services that have less of an impact on the environment. The Luxury Travel Experts are embracing sustainability by creating luxury getaways with an eco-twist, and here is some advice to help you get the most from an eco-vacation.

holiday to vietnamStaying at Eco- Friendly accommodation
It is not just consumers who are becoming more environmentally aware, and brands are beginning to change their products and services to cater to the green market. This is particularly noticeable in the accommodation industry where resorts are being developed sustainably, using local materials for construction along with solar energy for power. There is now plenty of choice in modern, eco-resorts, eco-lodges and other accommodation that has all the trappings of luxury without the environmental impact. Luxury Travel prioritizes these companies during our consultations with travelers. Director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Phan explains, “Sometimes, price is not the primary concern of travelers, and they prefer to choose a location that has eco-sensibility. We are now seeing a noticeable uptrend in combining luxury and green stays.”

Buying Locally
Green markets with products from the local area are very popular with travelers. It’s more attractive to meet and buy from market sellers instead of in a faceless supermarket, and people feel good about supporting the local economy. Moreover, food that has less travel time is, of course, fresher and of higher quality, while there is a vastly reduced carbon impact on the environment. Purchasing local handicrafts and souvenirs is also a great way of supporting small businesses and artists. As the UK Area Manager of notes, “Sustainable travel is more than just ‘going green’ – it’s also about helping to support and retain local cultures, economies, and environments while traveling. Most people don’t know how easy it is to weave sustainability into the types of trips they already want to take,”

Cycling instead of driving:
Traveling by road is causing ever-rising levels of pollution that affect the atmosphere and our health. This is why we encourage you to walk or cycle around the place you’re visiting. It’s great for your fitness levels, and allows you to really see the destination up close. Many of our customers even refuse private cars so that they can get out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells during their holiday. “We were excited to spend most of our holiday on two wheels, to meet the locals and enjoy the fresh air! We loved that Luxury Travel accommodated our needs during the journey and helped us have an eco-friendly holiday, said Mr. Alan Woodruff from the UK

Family holiday packages
Family holiday packages

Luxury doesn’t need to cost the Earth.
Sustainable travel is on the rise as more travelers seek to reduce their carbon footprint. A luxury holiday can still be an eco holiday. You can have a 5-star experience that allows you to reconnect with nature, promote environmental awareness reduce your impact on the local destination – at no extra cost than a regular vacation. It all starts with small steps from individual travelers and companies, and this helps to change attitudes on a broader scale. When tourists request green holidays, it forces businesses to keep up and service these requests. The net effect is a better environment for everyone, especially for future generations. So see what you can do to promote sustainability by taking a ‘greener’ vacation by asking your travel agent what packages they have available. Luxury Travel, an award – winning local tour operator recommend the package
Authentic Vietnam Experiences 18 days” as the most favorite Eco – Holiday package for this year 2017.

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