How to Spend Gap Year Holidays to Vietnam

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Having a holiday to Vietnam is not limited to a certain period of time as there are always some travelers who travel to Vietnam as a tourist then decide to have a plan to stay longer, one of the best and most popular ways to stay and enjoy this fabulous country is a Gap year holiday which allow you to hand on to the volunteer projects that has been held in Vietnam since decades in order to help the country’s different system of society to grow as fast as possible.

Vietnam is one of the beautiful countries with a fascinating culture and history located in the heart of the Indochina peninsula bordering with Cambodia, Laos and China and is also one of the places where you could spend your gap year vacation. Vietnam host a hundreds of attractions, natural wonders and cultural festivals year round that you could visit. There are also a lot of new and exciting activities that you could expect to do while spending your gap year vacation in Vietnam. If you are interested in spending your gap year holidays in Vietnam, there are several ways on how you could do it:

Trekking and home-stay in Sapa

Traveling up north to Sapa and the highlands of northern Vietnam is one of the most popular things that one could expect when on vacation to Vietnam. And you can try it if you spend your gap year holiday in Vietnam. There are various trails for trekking and each route offers its own special home-stay that give you a very good chance to get directly to the heart of the local ethnic minorities, when in there, try to help the younger locals that are very keen to learn and speak English, support the community to buy as little as possible from their special handicrafts and local textile and so on. The best way to get to Sapa is to get on board the night train from Hanoi to Lao cai where you will get to the Sapa via a 45 minute bus drive, when in Sapa you can decide where to go and which hamlet is your home-stay and trekking route. However, you must not to forget to explore the bustling but colorful Sunday markets when in Sapa.

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Explore Hanoi’s bustling weekend markets

Whole Vietnam is known for its street markets where you could buy almost all sorts of things from street foods, accessories, apparels, and many other things from the sellers with a good price, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam has its own night markets which is held on the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday in the streets of the old quarter. The night market is set up at night from 6 pm to the late night; bargain is possible through almost anything you buy.

Explore Hanoi’s bustling weekend markets

Explore central Vienam – Hue and Hoi An and Da Nang

History buff will love the central Vietnam. Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang are the gems of the central part of the Vietnam. Hue represents the Imperial citadel of the country dating back to the early 18th century when Nguyen Anh took control of Vietnam and call himself Emperor Gia Long. The imperial city is an amazing example of Vietnam’s historical fortress and citadel that has an strong influence from the Chinese empire in terms of structure in general.

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Hoi An; this ancient and historical city that has been recognized by UNESCO as a heritage city has been in the center of attention since centuries as it was here that Japanese, Chinese and European traders have made their way for the trading through the Hoi An port. Nowadays, Hoi An is an important and beautiful city for anyone who is visiting the country, almost all of the Vietnam vacation packages are include Hoi An as part of their Vietnam exploration. One of the best activities to do while in the city is to explore the morning fish market as well as the participating in one of the many cooking classes in order to get familiar with the central Vietnam’s cuisine.

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Da Nang; This coastal city represents the series of beautiful beaches that has been stretches in central Vietnam. Da Nang city also have few important sites to see, but more than sightseeing the beach lovers and holiday makers will go to this city to spend a quality time with their beloved and or family. There are few world-class and luxury beach resorts each offers amazing stay for your holiday to Vietnam

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Try extreme activities in Halong Bay

In addition to visit the popular tourist attractions in country, there are places located all around the country that makes your gap year holiday a special and memorable one. Try Halong Bay and experience one of the natural wonders of world. The bay is dotted with the natural limestone karst that makes it a beautiful and amazing place to discover. The best way to get to there is to take a luxury Halong Bay tours. There are some extreme activities when in the Bay such as Kayaking, boat trip through the floating villages, fishing from the cruise deck, rock climbing and explore the amazing grottoes. Halong Bay trips starts from Hanoi and ends in Hanoi too.

Visit Halong Bay when holiday to Vietnam

Vietnamese foods are very special, try them!

You explore the country and learn enough about what to do and where to go, your gap year holiday to Vietnam will allow you to learn from the country’s culture, foods and so on. However, as part of your itinerary in Vietnam should be to sample this country’s traditional cuisine such as the national food as “Pho Bo“ and others food like “Bun Cha” and “Cha Ca”

If you are interested in Vietnamese cuisine you may try to learn how to prepare the recipes and cook them by yourself, in Hanoi, Hoi An and Hue as well as Ho Chi Minh City there are several cooking school that allow you to register and learn to cook your favorite food in Vietnam.

These activities are just some of the possible highlights of your holiday to Vietnam. However, there are many other things that you can add to your gap year vacation including exploring the country’s white sand beaches from the Nha Trang to the Con Dao Island, learning more of their culture, participating in year round festivals and many other exciting things when in Vietnam.

Exploring Vietnam can be one of the best experiences you can have. This country has a lot to offer from its beautiful beaches, lush green mountains vibrant night life, classic Vietnamese music festivals, lively cities, rich culture and delicious cuisines that are vary from each city.

Vietnamese foods are very special, try them!

Planning your Gap Year Holiday to Vietnam

Exploring Thailand can be difficult to do on your own planning. There are nice places to visit when in Vietnam which are only known to locals or those who frequently visit Vietnam. If you like to have a fully guided and comprehensive Vietnam vacation packages beside your gap year plan and experience these places, it would be good to book your gap year holidays in Vietnam with a reputable agency such as Luxury Travel Vietnam. Some of these agencies have travel packages for those who would be spending their gap year in the country.

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As a reputable tour operator in Vietnam and Indochina they offer a large numbers of holiday to Vietnam , Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. Hamid, as the writer of this article wants you to get to know the different aspects of Vietnam while you do your gap year holiday to Vietnam. If you have more questions regarding Vietnam and other covered destination, then do not hesitate to check our official site at : 

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