Holiday to Vietnam at top luxury resorts

A holiday to Vietnam and in the land of the blue dragon and the natural wonders is somewhere that once visited is never being forgotten. Vietnam is famous for its oriental history, unique culture and great scenery that attract travelers from all around the world. Vietnam is also the ideal luxury destination for vacationers looking for beach holiday opportunities, from diving to snorkeling to the relaxed stay next to the tropical beach to the modern luxury resort. However, the tourism infrastructure in Vietnam has been increasingly developed since the last decade and the country become something like a second Thailand, the luxury resorts, golf courses, cruises in either luxury Halong Bay tours in northern Vietnam and or in the Delta of Mekong in southern edge of the country all and all makes Vietnam a luxury destination for high-end travelers.

Da Nang beach holiday with luxury stay

This marvelous once tiny town has now become something to not to be missed if you are looking for a luxury holiday to Vietnam with an stay at the tropical beach resorts, there are dozens and even more of those quality hotels and beach front resorts to choose from. However, Da Nang is more attracted to Vietnamese holiday makers than to tourists and if you are looking for a local experience then this beautiful centrally located city is your best bet. There are international flights from Thailand and other Asian countries to Da Nang from where you can easily pick your Vietnam visa on arrival as well.

Holiday to Vietnam at top luxury resorts

Nha Trang

Luxury reaches its peak at Nha Trang, from the few day relaxing stay at the beach front resorts at Ninh Van Bay to the special activities and things to do such as luxury five star cruising both at day and or at night time, Nha Trang is the darling of beaches in Vietnam and travelers will not hesitate to stay a bit longer as there will be anything from A to Z to choose from.

Mui Ne

An ideal and perhaps the best place if you are into water sports such as kite and wind surfing as there will be a strong wind all year round at the beach. Mui Ne is located in Phan Thiet within four hours car ride from the Ho Chi Minh City. Travelers will choose Mui Ne for a fairly less crowded beach compare to those at Nha Trang and or Da Nang, however, the beach itself isn’t the only things to see, and you may tour around the fishing villages, get the sand dunes safari with jeep and visit morning markets.

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