Halong Bay and Mekong Delta for Vietnam group tours

by Long Vu

Tourism is booming day by day in Vietnam and the officials are trying to make the holidays as easy as possible by giving the better arrangements for Vietnam visa on arrival as now more European passport holders could flight directly and get a free 15 days visa upon arrival, this is much more easy compare to let say 4 years ago where everyone needed to do the embassy chase off or apply online and wait and get the approval letter though the online method is still the best way to receive the visa. However, for a vacation in Vietnam there will be many options to choose from, all depends on your traveling style and the way you want to explore the endless beauties of this charming country. Vietnam group tours are more on the go as there are many organized holidays coming to Vietnam and Indochina. The opt for being on a vacation through a group travel packages to Vietnam is to reduce the trip cost while keep the quality on the sightseeing and other mutual services, however, to start planning a group travel you as a tour leader must have some preparation in order to keep the quality and have a smooth and worry free holiday for your group.

Where to start to plan Vietnam group tours

If you have not organized group travel package to Vietnam yet, you are probably thinking where to get the things started? If you have organized group travel before and it did not go so smoothly you should be asking – where should I have started last time, especially in Vietnam where there are many things to consider for booking such as Halong bay tours, you should know that cruises are different and each comes with different capacity and class and style, booking a proper hotel and resort is another step that you, as a organized must know it well, the hotels are pretty much everywhere in the destinations your group will visit, you must have a well planned and set departure date in order to get any numbers of room you wish you book, hotels and resorts are just so easy to get fully booked.

The Mekong Delta and its various thrilling destinations will be the other challenges that need to consider carefully, the home-stays in the delta is pretty much on demand rather than staying in fancy hotels, tourist and specially group travel packages to Vietnam are among those who demands the home-stays, so, make sure to contact the right option to book your stay ahead of time. Also, if your group plan to cross to Cambodia and Phnom Penh from Southern Vietnam then you must look for a proper cruise which crossing the Mekong waterways from Cahu Doc to the Phnom Penh and perhaps further to Siem Reap.

The first thing you need to decide is who will be responsible for what, make sure those roles are clearly defined and each individual understand their responsibilities. The number of people who need to be involved in organizing group travel will vary depending on your group and destination, some group travel packages are not just visiting Vietnam but combine it with the Cambodia (particularly Siem Reap and Angkor Wat), or with Laos, in this case, you must know that your group need few visa as each destination need its own, Cambodia and Laos are issue the visa at the border but for Vietnam and depend to participants nationality you will need to arrange either beforehand or get it on arrival.

For small group tours to Vietnam or informal groups you may decide that you will take responsibility for all the tasks. For large and more formal groups it is often best to assign tasks to multiple people or as instant the best way is to contact a local tour operator to handle the planning and the preparation.

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