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To plan a Vietnam vacation packages as part of the great discovery in south-east of Asia and a holiday that one will spend in Vietnam, As every traveler has their own interest and the requirements and level of expectation from any of Vietnam tour holiday packages on sales that are considering them will be handy in planning the right itinerary for your vacation to Vietnam or perhaps other Indochina destinations such as Laos and or Cambodia. We all know that Vietnam is one of the major destinations in South east of Asia and definitely after Thailand all the eyes are focused on this charming country that attract millions of tourists every year. In terms of history, Vietnam, have been through a lot of up and down since the past decades, the American War and the country’s chaos after that makes Vietnam one of the poor countries in the region, but those bloody days have been ended and Vietnam is under the fast development and the tourism is booming day after day. Cruise companies that offering luxury Halong Bay tours are bigger in business day after day and tour providers are promoting the different area for tourism in Vietnam to get the maximum benefit of every tour that looks interesting to conduct.

Vietnam is known for its paradise beaches and the renowned islands, great history and the amazing natural wonders that attract anyone’s eyes when looking at the pictures for the first time, the nightlife in the vibrant cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang and more than anything else the authentic foods that makes anyone’s mouth waterning. The food culture in Vietnam is very unique; almost each city in Vietnam has its own special food that is different from the other regions in the country in terms of taste and the uniqueness.

The most visited cities in Vietnam are Hanoi as the capital, Sapa, a city that attracts mainly adventure seekers for different kinds of trekking and home-stay activity with the local tribal peoples, Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang in the central Vietnam offering mixture of history and the ancient aspect of the country along with some of the finest and beautiful beaches that could be found in Vietnam, the best example is My Khe and theh Da Nang beach. In the southern Vietnam the most visited cities are Ho Chi Minh City, which is a megalopolis full of new experiences for any first time visitor to Vietnam, also, a hub for almost any day trip to the Mekong Delta regions.

Best beaches to add to your Vietnam vacation packages

Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, My Khe and Ho Coc Beach are well-known beach destinations in Vietnam that are popular for both locals and the international tourists. The naturally carved crystal clear and tropical beaches are attracting millions of travelers especially from the Siberian countries. For the planning of your Vietnam vacation packages you must find out what are your expectations from the holiday you going to spend in Vietnam or perhaps in other Indochina destinations. Some travelers are looking for only beach vacation and want to spend it on famous beach and stay in the luxury resorts with world class facilities; others want a vacation that gives them an absolute flexibility to explore the other part of Vietnam in order to get a glimpse of what real Vietnam has to offer. To enjoy your holiday to Vietnam, you need to opt for a vacation package that matches your needs, Vietnam is a large and a county full of different attractions to visit and seeing all of them in a short period of time is possible if planning the trip with an expert tour provider, the suggested time to visit the country’s main and most visited attractions will be at least an 8 days time to plan and enjoy the specific activities which you’ve been agreed on before you travel to Vietnam. Most of the flights will land in either Ho Chi Minh City or in Hanoi unless you are traveling with group travels and charter a flight to Nha Trang, or other destinations in Vietnam. Please note that Visa for Vietnam must be arranged beforehand and through the travel agencies that are authorized to provide you the approval letter which allow you to pick your Visa up upon arrival in any international airports in Vietnam.

Halong Bay is considered as the most visited for anyone who travels to Vietnam for any purpose, this is a natural wonder and the trips to this part of the country could be arranged from day trips to the 4 days including the overnight stay on board the luxury cruise.

If you are dreaming about the Halong Bay, then opts for a trip that includes a cruise to your itinerary and if your time permits than you should choose from a variety of offers from the cruise companies in Halong city. There are some popular activities in Halong Bay such as Kayaking, rock climbing, boating through the floating villages, and fishing and on top of all sunbathing at the turquoise beach.

If you know what type of holiday you’re looking for, then you can choose from a variety of Vietnam vacation packages in the best possible way. All you need to do is to choose the place you’d like to visit most and specific the type of accommodation you prefer to stay and choose from a different activities that each city in Vietnam could offer, one more thing is if you’d like to book an all inclusive packages that leaves you to seat back and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

During your Holiday to Vietnam, you can spend wonderful and quality time at any pristine beach from southern most to the north of the country. Also, you can add a Vietnamese massage to your activity to get a great heal after a long flight to the country.

In addition and for those who are into the golf vacation, then I must say that Vietnam is the first choice in the Indochina as it has different golf fields from North to South each with variety of luxury facilities to maximize the ease of Vietnam golf vacation

Best time to plan your Vietnam vacation packages

Vietnam could be visited in four seasons; the country is suit for any type of vacationing and holiday makers should plan their stay well in a head of time to get the benefit from the various promotions from cruises, hotel chains and the special discounts from the Vietnam tour holiday packages providers. However, the two main seasons are wet and dry season and traveling through the wet season is a bit unpleasant but exciting in some area such as Sapa or Nha Trang.

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