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Enjoy a True Experience with a Laos Tour Packages

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Laos is one of the renowned destinations in the South-east of Asia which could be visited on a Laos tour packages or as long with a combo holiday to Vietnam or with Cambodia. Laos is known as the land of the millions elephants and it’s the only Buddhist country in the world that still celebrate the early morning ritual and alms giving. Every year a large numbers of explorers are coming to spend their vacations alone, with friends, colleague or with their family members, in Laos, tourism is focused in historical aspects as well as adventure exploring along the lush and sub-tropical lakes and bushes dotted around this fabulous country. Laos, is also popular for its elephant ridings, temple worships and its authentic cuisine that flavored the mouth, there are millions of tourists every year that planning their holiday to Indochina and visit Laos as part of their journey. Don’t forget to include Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar when planning a puzzle of Indochina.

Enjoy a True Experience with a Laos Tour Packages

What to include into your Laos tour packages

Laos is beautiful and including all its eye-catching places of interest into your travel itinerary will need a little bit of pre-arranging time, you will either arrive in Vientiane, or in Luang Prabang, Laos doesn’t have any railway facility at the moment and the only way to enter the country is Via air or via land borers from China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

There are various types of attractions and activities to see and to do in Laos; Vientiane is the capital and hosts a numerous as well as beautiful wats (temples), Vientiane’s French colonial building along with the street café’s at the bank side of the boulevards that ends the Mekong river makes it a perfect and romantic place to sit and enjoy a spring rolls with the Lao famous papaya salad.

If you are an adventure geek, then, make sure to include the fun tubing into your Laos tour packages, once in there you have chance also to meet with the Hmong and Yao hill tribes that are inhabited the area. For tubing in the Nam Song River you might ask your travel organizer to include all the transportation to / from the Vang Vieng town, however, the town itself, is a popular hub for the back-packers.

Categorized your Laos tour packages by regions

Vientiane Region with Vang Vieng
Luang Prabang and around including Pak Ou Cave and elephant riding
North of Laos; Luang Namtha and around
Along the Mekong and north east of Luang Prabang
Plain of jars and the Phonsavanh and Vieng Xai
Central Laos; Thakhek and around
Southern Laos; Pakse and the 4000 island
Champasak and around
Bolaven plateau
Tad lo and around
Don Khong
Don Deth and Don Khoe and around

laos tour packages

Luang Prabang and around to be on your Laos tour packages

Luang Prabang is the most attracted city in Laos, almost any traveler with any taste and travel style will like to spend more days in the city to explore its gold dome temples, royal place and the early morning alms giving ceremony to the saffron robed monks. In 1995, UNESCO, declared the city of Luang Prabang as a city to be listed on the heritage cities, UNESCO described the Luang Prabang as the best-preserved and the most traditional town in South east of Asia.

Laos Visa on arrival

Solo travelers are advised to hand on the original passport along with the one photograph and the name of their accommodation in order to get their visa stamped at the international airports as well as the land-borders. A one month holiday visa can be obtained accordingly at following air and land borders:

Wattay Airport in Vientiane
Luang Prabang International Airport
The friendship bridge at the border with Thailand’s Nong Khai
Mohan and Boten crossing with China
Lao Bao with Dan savanh in the town of Savan nakhet

If you taking a Laos tour packages, then your agency might include the visa fee into your services, this is pretty much depend on the travel agency you order your trip with.

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