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Discover charming Vietnam with some unique Vietnam packages tours

One month Holiday to Vietnam, Are you coming?

Are you looking to visit one of the most admired and exotic Vietnam tour and holiday packages tours which would simply give you a new and different experience? Then you must come to Vietnam and explore the best of this fascination country has to offer. There are a lot of travelers from different part of the globe taking Vietnam packages tours to visit country’s many natural and historical attractions and bring a good memory back to their homeland.

Discover charming Vietnam with some unique Vietnam packages tours

Why Vietnam is a fascinating destination to travel to?

Located in the south east of Asia, Vietnam is an “S” shaped country in the Indochina peninsula bordering with Laos and Cambodia. Also known by the name of “Land of the rising dragon”, This great country is surrounded by south sea in the eastern side and has 3000 KM long lines of beaches that is stretched from south to north makes this country a popular place and as some say a new Thailand for the tourists. Vietnam is home to the Halong bay in north that is considered as a new wonders of the world by UNESCO, Hue and Hoi an as the historic hub of the country and the Delta of Mekong in the South, Hanoi as capital and the Ho Chi Minh city (former Saigon) supposedly as the largest metropolis in Indochina. Come with us to let you know more about Vietnam.

A visit to Vietnam with well planned Vietnam packages tours !

There are so many cities and of course attractions and long beaches in Vietnam and each of them has something for passionate travelers like you who are always on the lookout for taking a good time into a pool of fun, excitement and exploration. Vietnam’s tourist highlights are simply beyond compare which you would not find anywhere else in the world. There are stunning landscapes in Sapa and central territories, world heritage sites and lots of cultural activities that would make you fall in love with the country at the very first steps.

Want to feel pure thrill? You must take any a cruise tours in Halong bay, which is a natural heritage sites and you would for sure fall in love with its exhilarate landscapes  it’s a great experience in itself. There are other tourist highlights which would simply leave you speechless the moment you see them like visiting Sapa for home stay and trekking activities with opportunity to meet and talk to the local ethnic groups, water puppetry show in Hanoi which represents the country’s long cultures, Imperial Palace in Hue, Crystal clear beaches in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc. Or simply if you have more time then combined your Vietnam packages tours with a trip to visit Laos and or breathtaking Cambodia.

Luxury Travel Vietnam

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