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Taking a Cambodia tour packages in a country that have been in the center of attention of the world renowned tourist destinations since centuries ago, exploring the Land of the Angkor Wat could be varies from a few days discovering the temples to floating villages in Tonle Lake and or combining your journey with Vietnam packages tours. For any holiday, we will surely require to understand about the destination traveling to, even if we are a part of a group tours that everything have been arranged and planned before our departure. In this case, I have prepared best travel tips that all of us will need in order to understand where is Cambodia and what we will need to know as a tips for travel to Cambodia.

Clothes: Cambodia is a tropical country with a very hot climate throughout the year; it is advised to wear light cotton shirt or, running shoes, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect the straight sunshine. From June to October, it would be advisable to bring umbrellas and raincoats and a sweater or sweatshirt, the rest of the year and particularly from November to March temperature is between 17 ° and 27 ° C.

Best time to travel to Cambodia: Because of the heat and the hot weather that is the tropical condition in Cambodia, I recommend winter as the best time to travel, basically the months of November to March which during the dry season, they are the most desirable for travel. The hottest season runs from April to May, reaching temperatures between 30 ° and 38 ° C, with high humidity and also at any time of year. The rainy season in Cambodia is from June to October, although I must say that in the morning is usually raining. It offers relatively cooler temperatures of between 27 and 35.

Kit and precautions: There is no compulsory vaccination to travel to Cambodia except for citizens from countries with risk of yellow fever, but it is highly recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A and B and rabies which you must get before departure to Cambodia, also, there are some area in Cambodia with the risk of Malaria especially the region bordering with Thailand and Northern toward the northern border as well, so, it would be advisable to take anti-malarial tablets, and take every precaution against mosquitoes (repellent, trousers and shirts with long sleeves, especially at dawn and dusk, mosquito nets, etc.) It is important to drink plenty of water, as often occur many cases of dehydration among tourists, and always drink bottled water, and eat peeled or cooked food. We should not be surprised if we see some measure of security to which we are not used, as all travelers entering the country must go through a thermal scanner in order to check that there is no problem of swine flu. In fact, those with fever or flu symptoms could be turned away at the border. Otherwise, go prepared with analgesics, antihistamines if you have any allergies, and medicines for stomach problems.

Electronics appliances: The electrical voltage in Cambodia is 220 volts at 50 Hz. And an irregular supply. You need to bring an electrical adapter plugs with two flat pins, American type.

Bargaining in Cambodia: Although Cambodian law requires sellers to set prices to their products and goods, then, if you want to get a reasonable price, you have to go through the ritual of haggling, which is usually nice with exchanging smiles, getting a better and better price is all depending on your negotiations skill

What to include on Cambodia tour packages

Angkor Wat archaeological complex: You will not have experienced the charm of Cambodia until you include a few days visit to the imperial temples of Angkor Wat. This temple is the largest religious building in the world and a national symbol (indeed, is represented on the flag of the country), and is a reminder of the ancient Khmer civilization. Angkor Wat was built in the early 12th century by King Suryavarman II as a state capital temple to offer to the god Vishnu.

Angkor Wat is a glorious vision. Surrounded by a vast moat, boasts classical Khmer architecture, you will find it overwhelming. This first-Cambodian temple is a feast for the eyes that conveyed back to the past.
Upon arrival at the Angkor Park, you will be welcomed by the Gallery of the Thousand Buddha’s and the statue of Vishnu dressed as Buddha. The bas-reliefs of the walls, which mainly represent scenes and characters from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are a wonderful vision that cannot take away from anyone’s eyes. And when you leave, you will run out of words to contemplate the lagoon in which an accurate picture of Angkor Wat reflected. The reflection of the temple is particularly beautiful during the rainy season, when the lake is completely filled with water.

Angkor Wat is located in the archaeological complex of Angkor, where few other temples of the Khmer Empire, including Bayon, Chau Say Tevoda, and Ak Yum remained. The archaeological complex of Angkor has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and nowadays is one of the most popular and well renowned tourist attraction in whole Indochina that should not be missed when you planning your Cambodia tour packages

 Find exclusive Cambodia tours and travel packagesPhnom Penh: Once known as the “Pearl of Asia” and the “Paris of the East”, consequences of war clouded the radiance of Phnom Penh, the capital of the kingdom of Cambodia. However, today the city is emerging hesitantly, opening various establishments (Luxury hotels, bistro, galleries, restaurants, spas and shops) that become again one of the main tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

While in Phnom Penh you will visit the first hand the dusty chaos of the streets, poor infrastructure and everyday stories of survival and recovery. However, all this made an interesting stay along with historical sites and various attractions in the capital city.

The Royal Palace is one of the tourist sites of Phnom Penh. It is the official residence of the king and a national symbol. When you visit, be sure to maintain proper decorum and wear clothes that do not let bare shoulders and legs to be shown otherwise you will be rejected to enter unless you rent a long dress, however, the Royal palace is also one of the sites that is almost included to any tour packages Cambodia
Silver Pagoda which is a part of the Royal Palace where you can admire the Silver Buddha and other objects related to the Buddhist tradition. It is known primarily for its floor paved with silver. This pagoda houses various Buddhist ceremonies and is the meeting place between the King and the monks.

Other sites of interest include the National Museum of Cambodia, Tuol Sleng Museum and Wat Phnom.

how to spend a day in phnom penh

Sihanoukville: This lovely but serene beach town located in the south of Cambodia. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Snooky’, this coastal town was originally a port city established by the French and Cambodians in 1955. Despite through hard times during the political turmoil of the 70s, it is known today for being as one of the most favorite beach destination in Cambodia. In fact, the New York Times pointed to Sihanoukville as “the next beach of Asia that will create trends.”

Judging by appearances, Sihanoukville is indeed a heavenly beach destination. The beaches have clear water and sand in abundance, while the lush forest, grass huts along the coast, restaurants and bars are all complete the landscape.

Sihanoukville offers numerous beach activities including diving, snorkeling and go from one island to another. The nightlife is also very active in this seaside town, with plenty of discos and karaoke.

sihanoukville cambodia tour packagesBokor National Park: Located in the province of Kampot, Bokor National Park is a large historic site built in the early 20’s, the hill station is a French village abandoned that supposedly was going to convert to create a resort town. The ruins of the complex can be visited along with some nice hotel and Casino in the Bokor Palace, the Royal Apartments, a church and a post office.

The ruins may seem gloomy at first, but its unique beauty is a magnificent spectacle that allows a glimpse to the past. Dense forests that cover most of the protected area contribute to the unique charm of Bokor National Park. This makes it ideal for hiking, trekking and camping destination and is always in a high demands for an adventure Cambodia tour packages , however the lush forests is home to diverse collection of flora and fauna, most of which are endemic. Plants not found anywhere else in the world are scattered through the woods, while animals in the wild, as the Indian elephant, tiger, the Asiatic black bear, the yellow-throated marten and the sun bear inhabit the area’s most impracticable in the forest. See most of these animals is, however, practically impossible.

bokor national park - cambodia tour packages

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