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Hanoi-Halong Ultimate Luxury Vietnam Tour All Inclusive

Emperor Cruises Halong

Luxury Travel announces Best Metropole Hanoi and Emperor Cruises Halong Bay All-Inclusive Deal for sophisticated travelers in its new tour Hanoi-Halong Ultimate Luxury Vietnam Tour. A new tour has been announced by Luxury Travel, Vietnam’s first tour operator in the luxury niche that will delight the best of the best appreciators. Luxury Travel specializes in high-end …

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Vietnam Travel Guide

What to do if you are in Vietnam for Vietnamese National Day?

Vietnam National Day Vietnamese National Day

What do we celebrate in Vietnamese National Day? This 2nd of September marks Vietnamese National day. Vietnam celebrates its 72nd Independence Day and the Vietnamese declaration of Independence from France. At the end of the World War II, and following the ‘August Revolution’ (August 14th Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh moved to take control of …

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