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6 Travel Trends For 2018 By Luxury Travel

6 Travel Trend Predictions For 2018

As the new year has just fresh started, it is time to recollect what we’ve learned from last year’s travelers’ demands to better understand our customers needs for the next year to come. To find out what was coming up in travel, we’ve peered into the latest industry news and insights. Now, after having been working on identifying new travel trends for 2018, Luxury Travel experts have gathered it to come up with 6 travel trends for 2018.

Positive Local Impact

How to make tourism more enriching and sustainable? The 2017 UNWTO Campaign had for slogan ‘Travel. Enjoy. Respect’. It was meant to engage tourists in to contribute to sustainable tourism whenever they travel. “Responsibility is about contributing to making the place you visit better” stated former Secretary General of the UNWTO Taleb Rifai. The good news is that more and more people are aligned with the idea of traveling respectfully and help locally. Thailand this year will be promoting the Thai Local Experience that, Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “TAT will use tourism to promote sustainable development with the community as the ultimate beneficiary. We believe this will pave the way for Thailand to be a preferred destination among international visitors.”

Justin Francis, the CEO, from Responsible Travel, said at the end of the year that “Increasingly tourists are seeing responsible tourism – working with local people around their culture and ways of life – as a more authentic way to travel. Doing the right thing leads to a more enjoyable experience.” And that’s one of the key points Luxury Travel will be focusing on throughout this year.

Wellness Retreats

According to the rising popularity of the topic on health and wellness in general, one major travel trend is englobing reconnecting with oneself, spa or yoga retreat, slow travel, and disconnecting from a fast-paced life. That is why Southeast Asian countries are among the best suited for that as they combine some of the best spas, boutique hotels, resorts and yoga and wellness programs. The scenery of beaches or pristine incredible nature is what caught first the attention. This, added to the temples and Buddhist sanctuaries all combined with a lighter and varied cuisine that goes well with detoxing. In Vietnam, the increase in demands for wellness retreats is significant and one emerging town in Hoi An and its surroundings has it all.

Unique Demands For Authentic Experiences

6 travel trends for 2018 by Luxury Travel
Ba Be Lake, Vietnam

Now, the ultimate luxury is a 100% tailor-made holiday that will focus on the self-combined with new experiences in remote and off-the-beaten-track places. People no longer want to do the same thing as everyone else and there is no one-size-fits-all model anymore. This goes often by getting closer to local adventure such as fishing or farming with local people and to get to experience the real countryside life.

Countries like Vietnam are ideal for this new kind of adventures and we’ve been crafting experiences that supply this demands for a while now.

Soft Adventures

This means, adventures yes, but accessible to everyone with less risky adrenaline activities and more of soft trekkings. From observing the demands from travelers, Luxury Travel has created among its Lux Signature tours which combine off-the-beaten-track breathtaking sceneries with the most comfortable accommodations to go back to at the end of the day. So for travelers who want to see the most beautiful scenery but cannot opt for a traditional long trek, these excellent private and luxury services come into action then.

Slow Travel

6 travel trends for 2018 by Luxury Travel
Vang Vieng, Laos

Rather than attempting to squeeze as many sites or cities as possible into each trip, the slow traveler can take his time exploring each destination thoroughly and to experience the local culture. To explore a small area better, you need to dive deeper into the culture of the country. Combining a few of the travel trends above, the concept of Slow Travel is inspiring a greater number of people. The act of slowing down is immersing oneself in the local culture and most of the time helping to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment by taking less polluting transportation.That is why, when opting for a transportation such as a Tuk Tuk Ride around Angkor Wat in Cambodia or a Cyclo Tour along Hoan Kiem in Vietnam are activities put a highlight on.

Multigenerational Travel

Crowned as the top choice for upscale travelers in the Virtuoso Luxe Report, Multigenerational travel is enjoying a trip with three or more generations of your family.

As all tailor-made and private services have made it easy to focus more on family and adventure holidays, different family dynamics play a role in the way people seek new travel destinations. The best part of traveling to one of the countries in Indochina is that most of them are well suited for children, and even toddlers to travel with their parents.

Vietnam is a destination that offers many opportunities for gathering all generations with tours specifically tailored for families. During the Easter time, for example, family reunions far away through a travel is a new trend that is more and more likely to increase every year. From islands, beach towns to all the kinds of entertaining and recreational activities such as trekking, kayaking, cooking classes, cycling around rice paddies, they make the perfect activities for kids and family all together.

Having their brand theme as “Authentic local experiences”, Luxury Travel believes in the personalization and authenticity of services and experiences they provide to their customers and they plan to showcase their new Lux Signature tours in Southeast Asia in 2018. If you wish to know more about their new products, you can find them at the next ITB Berlin.

To get in touch with an experienced local tour operator/DMC in Southeast Asia, contact Luxury Travel

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